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County Of Lambton

Warwick Township is a municipality of Lambton County, which is a census division of the Province of Ontario, and is governed by The Corporation of the County of Lambton. The County of Lambton is an upper tier government that is composed of eleven lower tier municipalities. The Member Municipalities (lower tier) have representation on County Council, which is composed of 19 County Councillors, with Mayor Todd Case representing Warwick Township. These County Councillors sit for the same term as Warwick Township (2014-2018), and elect a Head of Council (the Warden) for a two year period, from within. According to the Statistics Canada 2016 Census of Population, there are 126,638 residents living in the County of Lambton.

The County provides services to the residents of Lambton County, such as:

Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums, Building Services, Planning and Development Services, offers several programs and services to children and family living, health promotion programs, long-term care homes, social service programs and support.

To find out more about the County of Lambton:


Tel: 519-845-0801 or Toll-Free: 1-866-324-6912