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Scenic Court Subdivision Development

Scenic Court is a new residential development in Watford with 11 lots available for purchase.

Preliminary information on the residential lots, sale price, dimensions and process for sale of lots is available now.  More information on the sale process and period will be published once available.

Scenic Lot sign 

How do I purchase a lot in the Scenic Court Subdivision?

Timelines for sale of lots is scheduled for January – February 2018.  Public notice of specific dates for the sale period will be provided early in 2018.

The sale of lots on Scenic Court will be completed using the following process:

  1. Public advertisement and notification of names on wait list of sale period.
  2. Sale period to be open for three weeks (dates TBD).
  3. Accept closed bids at Township Office during three week period. 
  4. Highest bid for a lot during the sale period will be accepted.
  5. After bid the close of the sale period, remaining lots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis for asking price or higher.

Other details:

  • Lots are sold as fully serviced lots.  All services will be installed in early 2018 by a contractor hired by the Township of Warwick.
  • The agreement of purchase and sale will require the building of a home to begin one year after the date of purchase.  The building of a home on a lot must be completed by the end of two years from the purchase date. If this timeline is not adhered to, the Township will repurchase the lands for the sale price less a 15% administration fee.
  • The agreement of purchase and sale will include minimum standards for each home in the development related to percent (%) of brick used on front façade, minimum square footage of each home, etc.  A sample agreement will be made available by the Township during the sale period for review by interested buyers.
  • One home can be built per lot; lots cannot be merged in order to build larger homes.
  • Survey stakes on the properties located at Scenic Court will be installed in early 2018.
  • If you would like to be added to a list to receive notification of the sale period, please contact Trevor Jarrett at 519-849-3926 ext. 24 or

Information Sheet - Process for Sale of Lots in Scenic Court Development [PDF]

What will the layout of the Scenic Court Subdivision look like?

A road called Scenic Court will be installed and the 11 residential lots will surround this crescent.

Survey Layout of Scenic Court [PDF]

Aerial Layout of Scenic Court [PDF]

How much will lots in the Scenic Court Subdivision cost?

 The lots in Scenic Court Subdivision will be sold by closed bids and sold to the highest bidder.  The table below outlines the minimum (reserved) price per lot.

 Scenic Costs

Scenic Court Reserved Lot Prices [PDF]


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